Who Is The Owner?
  • Just another Whois client...Why?
    There are tons of whois query tools online, but we haven't found one which is really able to perform a serious and clean Universal Whois Query. Who Is The Owner is able to query more than 350 whois servers depending on the domain to analyze. We consider this as a very useful feature...do you agree?

  • How this tool can help me?
    Thanks to Who Is The Owner you can obtain many useful informations about any domain you're interested in. For example you can check the expiration date or obtain the contact info (address, phome, email,...) about the owner.

  • Can I advertise on this website?
    Yes you can, just send me a message by using the contact form.

  • I can't obtain a response for my third level domain name. Why?
    This is normal: third-level domains are also known as subdomains and CNAMEs. You can query a whois server only about a Top-level domain(TDL).